Our life consists of: home, work, shop, home,
work, shop:


Isn't it? Let's put it in such a way: home, work,
Space battle(wow!), shop,
climbing the Everest, home.

It is certainly more exciting!

VIARON helps you to fill your workdays with bright feelings! Stories about virtual reality can be told for a long time, but it is like speaking about film in which you are being main character. You should see it on your own, believe it!

Do you like playing alone or do you prefer playing with friends? We have hundreds of single and multiplayer games! Are you ready to have fun?
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or you can simply come to us and we will be glad to find a perfect entertainment for you!

Make a present with virtuality to your truelove
Preice of sertificate for 30 minutes - 250 UAH.

Virtual reality attraction for rent

Rent price — 500 UAH/hour *
Minimal order — 3 hours
In case of ordering more than 4 hours — the price is negotiable

Virtual Reality is a simulation created by powerful computers. We are giving you opportunity not only to see the picture in 360 degrees but also interact with surrounding environment. Nevertheless we are not suggesting you a simulation. We are suggesting you a FEELING... Feeling of reality. Because if you can see, hear and affect — it is REALITY.

It is already available in your office, apartment, cafe or restaurant, indoors or outdoors.

With the help of our VR technology you can add some bright colors to your company party, Birthday celebration or holiday events.

You don't need to cross the oceans or pass through magical portals for having a fairytale trip. Just use our VR system and estimate the full reality of being in mythical or distant world. The virtuality that you choose is automatically "adapts" to your movements at a distance of 2-3 meters as well as the movements of your hands and head.

Using the HTC Vive VR helmet you have opportunity to:

  • Take a ride on a roller coaster
  • Compete with friends in Counter Strike
  • To become a champion of the professional virtual ring through fighting numerous opponents
  • Draw a picture in 3D
  • Become a doctor and make a complex surgery
  • Kill the giant monsters with a help of sword, arrows or bullets
  • Feel the freezing scare of being in a real nightmare
  • And lots more...

The VR service rental includes:

  • VR system stand
  • Computer that afford the functioning of the HTC Vive virtual reality helmet
  • HTC Vive helmet
  • Wireless controller - 2 pcs.
  • Sensor for motion tracking - 2 pcs.
  • TV screen
  • VR system instructor
  • Transfer of the VR system to the location of the event and back within Dnepr city.

* The rent price of VR is negotiated separately in case of ordering the events in the evening, at night, on weekends or holidays.

VIARON in the Shopping mall "Cubometr"

VIARON in the Shopping mall "Babylon"


We are ready to promote resalts of comp!

After celebrating holidays we are glad to invite winners to our centers. They are:
1 place - @katrina0304.00 - three hours of gaming time for three people
2 место - @lenohka5571 - 1 2 hours of gaming time for two people
3 место - @shine_smile_girl - 1 hoour of gaming time for one pearson
Waiting for you at Cubometr or Vavilon shoping malls till the end of May!

FREE CS tournament

VIARON holds a CS competition every wednesday. Come and take part in it! There is a lot of fun! All teams are about to show theirs skills and winners will get their doze of free time!

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